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MELWEST Driving School serving the western suburbs of Melbourne, i.e. Footscray, Sunshine, Taylors Lakes, Sunbury, Gisborne, Melton, Bacchus Marsh and all areas in between.
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Melwest Driving School is a member of the Australian Driver Trainers Association (Victoria) Inc.


Useful Links

The 'L' Site   VicRoads website especially for Learner drivers, including lots of links

TAC   Transport Accident Commission - Road Safety info

VicRoads   From getting your learners permit & licence to registering your car, and more

My Licence SA   Hazard Perception Test

Drive Smart  A program to help you learn to drive

Amy Gillett Foundation  Road safety for cyclists

The Amy Gillet Foundation was formed to reduce the incidence of death and injury caused by the interaction between cyclists and motorists.



Did you know that more than 90% of road accidents are caused
by human error?

MELWEST Driving School will get you started on the right track for a lifetime of
safe driving.

Tips for avoiding Fatigue related Crashes:

Loss of concentration can result in a serious accident and is a lot more likely
when you are tired.

  • Be sure to get a good night's sleep before starting a long trip.
  • Avoid long drives after work or study.
  • Do not drive at times when you would normally be asleep.
  • Take a break from driving every couple of hours.
  • Share the driving whenever possible.
  • Pull over and stop (take a power-nap) whenever drowsiness, discomfort or
    loss of concentration occurs.
  • Find out whether or not any medicine you are taking may affect your driving.


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